Roof surveys

Free roof surveys in Bristol

A roof survey can potentially save you thousands of pounds. Small problems such as slipped roofing slates or broken roof tiles can easily worsen if left unattended. Problems with roofing in Bristol are exacerbated by the weather whipping in off the Bristol Channel. Strong winds and rain lash our roofs every winter (and much of the summer!) and find every little hole or weakness.  A timely roof survey will pick up and fix these issues before they worsen, resulting in the need for more expensive roof repairs or even a new roof.

PJ2 Roofing offers free roof surveys in Bristol, so contact us today to arrange a convenient time for a survey.

Free roof surveys
  • General wear-and-tear to the roof covering; how long it can be expected to remain sound

  • A suspected leaking roof due to (for example) nail-holes, slipped tiles, missing roof slates, etc.

  • Condition of the ridge and hip tiles and condition of the mortar

  • Condition and expected lifespan of dormer roofs

  • Checking flat roof decking for soft spots and assessing the life expectancy of the flat roof covering

  • Expected lifespan of roofing valleys and gulleys; condition of mortar where present; roofing valley splits due to fatigue

  • Condition of chimneys and chimney stacks; worn or damaged chimney brickwork and mortar; loose chimney pots; condition of flashings

  • Damaged, cracked or broken guttering and rainwater systems, including broken or blocked downpipes, leaking gutters and downpipe joints

  • Checking on roof windows, Velux windows and skylights; installation quality, repairs needed to flashing, cracked or fogging roof window glass

  • Roof structure – external and internal checks for roof sagging or spreading; loft or attic condensation problems; loft or attic ventilation problems

Buying a house? Get a roof survey first!

People often ask whether they should have a roof survey when buying a house. The answer is always “yes!” Buying a house is one of the biggest purchases you’ll ever make and the roof is the major protection of your new home. You can either include a full roof inspection in your homebuyers survey, or have a separate roof survey carried out. Roof problems can be impossible to pick up from ground level, so a proper roof inspection before you complete your purchase can save you a great deal of money in the longer term.

Some of the key things to look for in a roof when buying a house are:

  • How old is the current roof and what is its life expectancy?

  • How old is the current roof and what is its life expectancy?

  • Does it have adequate ventilation?

  • Are there any existing breaks or leaks?

  • Is there mould on the roof?

  • What is the condition of the guttering and downpipes?

Other benefits of a roof survey

Insurance companies will often want to know what state your roof is in. Some insurers may not accept liability for a poorly maintained roof and may reject claims related to storm damage. As we mentioed earlier, roofing in Bristol and Bath does tend to suffer from the extremes of weather we enjoy in this part of the country, so a pre-emptive roof inspection is always a sound investment. You don’t want to be surprised by unexpected roof repair bills or rejected insurance claims and a roof survey gives you peace of mind.