Roof repairs come in many shapes and sizes, so it’s difficult to give an accurate price estmate for any roofing job without an on-site inspection. The raw material cost can be high when working with lead for instance, so we charge our labour price and material cost at a competitive rate based on local pricing around Bristol.

Here is roughly what we charge, and what you can reasonably expect to pay a competent roofer for their services depending on location and overheads:

Small roof repair

This could be a couple of slipped slates or one broken tile, maybe disconnected guttering or a broken down-pipe. The material cost is normally low for typical jobs like this, but we will advise of the material cost once viewed on-site.

The typical labour charge is £100.00. + VAT plus any access scaffolding if required, but smaller jobs like these can often be carried out off a ladder with the assistance of another roofer for safety.

Roof repairs lasting half a day

Most small jobs in this category are priced on using two roofers safety.

Approximate cost is £350.00 + VAT for two men, plus scaffold access if required, and materials.

Small roofing jobs like these can quite often run over into the usable time left in a day to do another job, other than perhaps a roof survey or guttering inspection.

Roof repairs lasting one day or more

This type of work makes up 85% of our workload. We charge about £450.00 + VAT for two roofers, plus scaffold access if required and the cost of materials.

Flat roof repair costs

We typically use fibreglass (GRP).

The price for this depends on accessibility (roof height and requirements for access scaffolding) and the size of the roof. Perhaps surprisingly, smaller fibreglass roofs typically cost more per square metre than a large roof due to time saving and manpower considerations.

The cost per metre square is £90.00 + VAT if the boards under the roof covering are in good condition. The price does not include supply and installation of new OSB3 boards, which is essential for adhering the new GRP fibreglass roofing to. The price includes good quality trims and flashings where required and a coloured resin top coat.

Flat roof replacement costs

There are many factors that may alter the price of a new flat roof and every job is different. Some of these factors include:

  • Obstacles – Pipes or other obstructions to work around
  • Specification – Quality of materials, trims and finish
  • Accessibility – Height and access or scaffolding; a flat roof 3 stories high is not the same as a roof 10 feet up in the air and scaffold is usually required to work safely
  • Size – As stated previously, a very small roof will cost more per square metre than a large roof
  • Ventilation – whether roof vents are required or not

Fitting Velux roof windows

Cost depends on whether you have a tile roof, slate roof, flat roof etc. as well as any access restrictions and the exact type of window to be fitted. Please contact us for a Velux window fitting quote tailored to your individual requirements.

Gutter cleaning

We always carry out gutter cleaning for free on completion of the job when we have caused debris to foul the gutter. If you want guttering cleaned independently of a roofing job, we charge £95.00 + VAT for cleaning small roof guttering if we can access the roof safely via a ladder.

New roof on a house

The price of a new roof is calculated on access, type of detail to the roof, whether you require a tiled roof, slate roof, flat roof, the type of roof tiles or slates etc. There is a wide variety of roofing in Bristol, so it’s not possible to generalise. We will provide a full, detailed quotation free of charge, please contact us to find out more.

New lead or fibre glass valleys

Fibre glass is a cheaper option than lead typically lasting in the region of 20 years. Lead is far longer lasting but a more expensive option. Please contact us for a free detailed quotation.

Fitting of roof vents

To overcome attic or loft space condensation issues we can fit roof vents.

For tiled roofs, the labour cost is £100.00 + VAT plus material costs in the region of £35.00 + VAT for each vent.

Slate roofs can take longer and will typically cost more in labour, please contact us for a detailed estimate.

For more than one roof vent, we would typically charge the standard half day labour charge plus material costs.

Scaffold access may apply depending on accessibility and location.