Chimney inspections

A chimney inspection can alert you to far more than just damaged brickwork. By checking for even minor clues on the outside of a chimney, it’s often possible to detect improper or unsafe heating system operation, collapse hazards and building leaks, amongst other concerns.

The most extreme case is the risk of combustion products leaking into the home, such as gases which could bring the threat of carbon monoxide poisoning or contain sparks that may start a fire.

PJ2 Roofing will carry out a full chimney inspection to identify whether any chimney repairs are needed. Our checklist includes the full range of most common chimney faults.

Chimney cap and crown defects:

  • check for missing chimney caps,
  • inspect damage to top seals or chimney crowns,
  • look for leaks into the chimney which could cause rust on metal flues,
  • inspect masonry flues for water and frost damage.

Chimney movement and cracking:

  • check for signs of movement and cracks in a masonry chimney,
  • look for signs of water leaking through chimneys,
  • investigate frost damage to masonry chimneys.

Support defects:

  • is the chimney stable and well-supported to avoid movement, cracking, or in the worst cases, chimney collapse?

The risks of an unsafe chimney are frequently overlooked by homeowners because the chimney is so inaccessible, but they can be catastrophic. Contact us today for a chimney inspection and be safe in the knowledge that your home and family are secure.